DHA Exam for Dermatologist

DHA Exam for Dermatologist

dha exam for dermatologist

dha exam for dermatologist

DHA Exam for Dermatologist is a Licensing exam given to all healthcare professionals who are interested to work in Dubai. Before applying for the exam, you have to complete some procedures for your document verification named as Credential. after getting your eligibility ID you can go for DHA Exam or DHA Data Flow, or both at the same time. DHA Exam for Dermatologist who wish to work in Dubai they have to pass DHA license exam for Dermatologist, dha license for Dermatologist. The good thing about Dubai (DHA exam) for international candidates is that there is no Arabic exam as with the other health ministries of UAE.

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the governing body established by law to overlook the healthcare sector in the Emirate of Dubai. The Health Regulation Department (HRD) in DHA is solely responsible for licensing Healthcare Professionals with appropriate skills and qualifications to ensure the high quality of health care services and the safety of the population in the Emirate of Dubai

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DHA Exam Registration for Dermatologist

We undertake the examination registration on your behalf. The three processes a candidate has to complete in order to work in Dubai are as follows:

  1. The Credential Approval
    dha exam for dermatologist

    dha exam for dermatologist

All health professionals applying for licensure are credentialed in accordance with the DHA’s Professional Qualifications Requirements (PQR). DHA Exam for Dermatologist, The PQR is a comprehensive document which sets out the standards of education, qualification, training, and professional experience that are required of specific health professional categories.

  1. Primary Source Verification by Data flow

The process through which the DHA data flow validates credentialing information from the institution that originally conferred or issued the credential (e.g. authenticity of educational degrees). This is done through DHA’s partnership with Dataflow group. DHA Exam for Dermatologist, All health professionals must undergo the PSV process upon initial licensure application or license renewal (for licensed health professionals whose qualifications had not previously undergone PSV). Please note that each document only requires to be verified once. Health professionals may be required to repeat the PSV process for verification of newly acquired credentials/qualifications as required for credentialing purposes (e.g. Acquisition of new educational degree).

  1. DHA Examination Registration for Dermatologist

The following are the different categories of examinations DHA conducts. We undertake DHA exam registrations for Dermatologist.

DHA Coaching Classes for Dermatologist

We provide DHA Coaching Classes for Dermatologist thereby enabling the candidates to face the examinations without fear. DHA Exam for Dermatologist, Our experienced faculty provides the candidate with up to date information and questionnaires to help them face the examination with confidence.

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