MOH License Requirements

MOH License Requirements

moh license requirements

moh license requirements

We at Digi Prime Tech providing services such as moh license requirements for doctors, moh license requirements for dentists,moh license requirements for mlts, moh license requirements for nurses, moh license requirements for pharmacists, moh license requirements for physiotherapists and moh license requirements for radiographers. For more information feel free to contact us.

we provide an honest service for doctors and healthcare professionals within the Gulf Region who are waiting to begin or continue their future within the UAE, such as moh license for doctors, moh license for dentists, moh license for mlts,  moh license for nurses, moh license for pharmacists, moh license for physiotherapists and moh license for radiographers.

To complete online the net application via the MOH online licensing system, scanned copies of the following documents should be uploaded together with the application form:

Primary Medical degree

> Recognized Specialty certificate (if applying for specialist/consultant title).

> Valid license to practice in the country of graduation and/or country of last employment.

> Letter(s) of all clinical experience or certificate(s) issued by the ability of practice and signed by the Human Resources Department, or Medical Director.

> Good Standing Certificate (GSC) issued by the medical council/association from the country of last employment (Certificates are only valid for six (6) months from the date of issue).

> Logbook (for surgical specialties only).

> Passport copy

> One (1) colored passport photograph

> Qualifications attestation by the UAE embassy and/or Ministry of Foreign Affairs isn’t required

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MOH License requirements for Doctors

moh license requirements for doctors

moh license requirements for doctors

Candidate should have graduated from a recognized graduate school. The moh license requirement for doctors is as follows;

If he/she may be a Non UAE Nationals then he/she should have at least two years’ clinical experience post position out of which one year should be in general practice setup. however people who graduated from a UAE school of medicine licensed by MOHSER, additional experience as clinical trainee is needed for one years after internship.

MOH License requirements for Nurses

moh license requirements for nurses

moh license requirements for nurses

MOH (Ministry of Health) is that the authorized body to issue the license. The applying Procedure is done online. To use for MOH Nursing License you’ve got to fulfill certain licensing requirements. The moh license requirement for nurses is applicable to both nursing graduates from UAE and international universities.

MOH License requirements for Pharmacists

moh license requirements for pharmacists

moh license requirements for pharmacists

MOH license requirements for pharmacists: Attach all the desired documents for Pharmacists (Passport, Photograph, experience certificate, Pharm-D / B-Pharm, degree, + Transcript, Valid License from pharmacy council or renewal of the license to practice in Home Country) in scanned type. Once submitting on-line application wait for MOH message to urge your application approved.

MOH License requirements for Dentists

moh license requirements for dentists

moh license requirements for dentists

MOH license requirement for dentists: Candidate should have a primary dental degree and Recognized Specialty Certificates not less than two years. The candidate is allocated based mostly upon his/her experience from Tier one (no experience required) to Tier 3( 3 years experience required) for specialist and Tier one (2 years experience required) to Tier two (8 years experience required) for a consultant.

MOH License requirements for MLTs

moh license requirements for mlts

moh license requirements for mlts

If you’re able to pass the MOH Medical Laboratory technologist (MOH-MLT) examination, you’ve got a return to the correct place! Tests like the moh license requirement for MLTs examination don’t just measure what you recognize; they’re also a test of how well you perform under pressure.


MOH License requirements for Physiotherapists

moh license requirements for physiotherapists

moh license requirements for physiotherapists


MOH license requirement for physiotherapists:

> Bachelor degree in physiotherapy

> Proof of work experience (minimum two years)

> License to practice – obtained through the Ministry of Health online

> Completed Ministry of Health assessment (An online application for the professional license should be completed in order to book an exam)

> Certificate of excellent standing – application could also be filled in through the Ministry of Health on-line

> Sponsorship is needed to work in UAE – a hospital may act as a sponsor once employment has been gained

> UAE working visa

MOH License requirements for Radiographers

moh license requirements for radiographers

moh license requirements for radiographers

If you want moh license requirement for radiographers you should have a Bachelor degree in radiotherapy and Minimum of two (2) years experience post qualification in related field.

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